Book signings are always fun. I meet lots of new people and hear interesting stories

A Week in the Country was special to me because I got totally wrapped up in the story and its characters. Several people have asked me for directions to the fictional town of Walker Valley because they love the story and want to visit there.
The idea for Miss Lydia’s Book Club came to me while I was having dinner on the Tennessee River. The riverbank yelled out to me saying “Hey there….I have a secret!” It was fun to write about the little old ladies and their predicament.
The Mail Comes at Three teaches us that people are responsible for their own happiness. It also touches on the problem of loneliness in older people. This love story shows that you are just as young as you feel!

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Attending art class in San Antonio, TX

I have always loved to draw and started watercolor painting in 2014, attending classes in Knoxville and  San Antonio.  This summer I attended an art class in Coloma, Wisconsin where I recently did my first oil painting.

I create my own greeting cards for friends and family, and like to find new ideas for my paintings. I also enjoy painting bookmarks to sell and give away.  This summer,

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Fiddling Rocky Top

I started playing the fiddle in 1999….and there was lots of screeching going on, but my musical friends would not let me give up. Now I have a wonderful time playing music and singing with my friends. We perform every week for assisted living facilities and other senior activities, and especially our veterans.

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