Miss Lydia’s BOOK CLUB overview:

Judith’s latest novel.

Frankie is a young wanna –be writer searching for a big story to launch her career as an author. Until she can make a living doing what she loves, she works at the local courthouse, befriended by her co-worker Darlene. She meets Robert, a handsome detective, and he sets up an opportunity for her to speak at Miss Lydia’s Book Club, which is named for his mother.
Frankie becomes involved with the book club ladies and ultimately discovers the secret they are all sworn to keep. As Robert told her in the beginning, “How much trouble can a bunch of little old ladies be?”
Along the way, Frankie and Robert befriend Hank, the colorful riverboat musician. They also travel to Virginia to return an antique car to Frankie’s grandfather and visit Frankie’s dysfunctional family. Robert finally convinces her that everyone has problems and she needs to move on and find happiness.
Meanwhile the book club ladies are having a fit over the city’s proposed riverboat development. What is all the fuss about? Will Frankie write about her discovery, or will she keep quiet out of respect for her new friends? Will love conquer all?

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A Week in the Country overview:

Judith’s first novel, A Week in the Country

Jackie Thomas, a career-oriented single mother, has to take a leave of absence to care for her ailing mother. Her mother dies soon afterwards, but leaves behind a bit of mystery with her strange burial request. Not yet ready to return to the high-stress job at the hospital in Knoxville, Jackie sets out to fulfill her mother’s wishes. Her journey takes her to a place she has never heard of, and ever though it is only 100 miles away from home, it seems like a thousand. Thinking this family business would take only a week or so, Jackie quickly becomes involved in the country life and the people around her.
Although she becomes fast friends with Lily, owner of Walker Valley Farms, and John, a young preacher, not everyone is pleased to have a “City Girl” on the premises. Jackie’s time in the country is not without a few tears, but there is also a lot of love and laughter. She meets her match in Marshall, a handsome man of few words. While she is not officially working, she finds herself with more to do than she can handle. She not only learns about her mother’s past, but also about the important things in life… like making really good cornbread!

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Coming in 2019… The Mail Comes at Three

Nell is a 68 year old widow who doesn’t know where she is going in life. She knits for the nursing home, and volunteers at church, but she feels left out and alone, with her son and his family too busy to spend time with her. By chance, she meets a handsome retired military man, and they set out on an adventure that will quickly change her life and make her feel young again.