Here are some comments received about A Week in the Country.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  It is beautifully written.  You are a very talented author.  I am an avid reader and your book was hard to put down.  I look forward to your next book. … JC

Judy – I met you last Monday night where I was a guest of one of the members of her book club.  I finished this wonderful book last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think it would be a great Hallmark movie because of the likability of all of the characters and the sweet storyline. It is a book that just makes you smile. I so enjoyed hearing how you decided to write this story and all the ins and outs of publishing.  I also liked how you developed all of the characters. Please keep me on your email list and let me know when your next book comes out. … MC

I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  Your setting was a little more north in East Tennessee, but I could not help but picture the countryside that I’ve known all my life.  Even the little Methodist Church – in my mind – was just like the one in your novel.  It was fun trying to figure how the connections were going to be made with all the characters.  Each of the farm worker characters seemed to be just like some I remember helping out on our farm.  And the hospital merger made the scene current in Knoxville.  You did a great job!  And without using profanity and sex and violence!  … MKO

I loved it.  Even though I feel a little guilty for doing so, I got caught up in the emotion of the last few chapters.  But beyond that, it was entertaining and a fun book to read – always interesting, good bits of humor, and I just could not wait to hear the solution to the mystery, although I knew that would be near the end.  I also could really relate to a lot of the characters, which means they are very real, especially in this part of the country. … MH

Your book is great.   You have a very easy to read writing style.   And your descriptive detail of people and places is something I could never do.  … JB

I loved, loved, loved this book.  I give it four stars…, make that five stars!!!  I hope you write another one.  … MR

A great book to read for a “get-a-way”.  … BW

As I started reading this book I couldn’t believe how it took me back to the farm…..the food, the animals, the sawmill, and the Saturday night dances at the schoolhouse. “A Week in the Country” is a marvelous work of weaving a basic farm setting with friendship, love, and mystery. It is a great novel, and I enjoyed it very much. I hope the author realizes that she has a unique gift for writing and an ability to hold the writer’s interest to the very last page. I hope she writes another book soon.  … WD

I have already read your book. It is such a sweet book. Something you can get lost in, pretending you are there too. This is the kind of book I enjoy, comfortable, warm, and fun. Makes you want to go spend a week…or more…in the country. Thanks for such a good book. … BJ

I finished your book and I really did enjoy it.  The storyline flowed smoothly and kept me interested throughout.  The characters were very interesting and I felt very comfortable there at Walker Valley and would love to visit myself.   Please let me know how your next one progresses and by all means, let me know when it’s finished.CA

Your book was very good!!! Keep them coming  … VH

Congratulations, Judy! That is quite an accomplishmentCC

Please write a sequel to this book. I enjoyed it so much, and want to hear more about the characters. I especially appreciate the fact that this is a book anyone can enjoy… no violence, profanity, etc. You just can’t find a book like this nowadays … GW

What a delightful and entertaining book! I grew very fond of the characters and could not wait to find out the ending. This is a book I would feel comfortable in passing on to my granddaughter … MI

A very good book!  I highly recommend it … JP

Great read! … JE

It is a VERY GOOD book. I started reading it and couldn’t wait to finish it … BEH