Here are some comments received about Miss Lydia’s Book Club.

Really great book. … JG

Fun to read. Thanks for writing. … BS

Congratulations, Judy!!  … RAS

What a talented (and beautiful) woman you are Judy!! Congrats. … PR

Congratulations Judy!! So exciting!! 😉. Hope you sell a gazillion!!  … MECG

Can’t wait to start it and looking forward to the next one next year.  … SC

Congratulations friend-so proud of you!  … SSB

Cool, so smart.  … JH

Wow! Is there anything you can’t do?. … NA

other comments:

“I just love the idea of the little old ladies kicking up their heels back in the day!”
“I would have never dreamed that this story would have taken that turn! How in the world do you think up this stuff?”
“I love reading a story when I recognize all the local places.”
“Such a nice sweet story about a struggling working girl who meets Mr. Right”.
“I laughed out loud at Frankie’s sidekick from work. I could just see her sitting at her desk giving advice.”